Dear Students of DEU Mining Engineering Department,

You are primarily present here with us for having a profession. In addition to the professional knowledge that you will gain during your education period at our department, you are also expected to be donated with cultural, social and moral values. A dynamic young population is the most important wealth of a country. It is the duty of us, the academic faculty, to forward this wealth properly and to graduate individuals who can follow up contemporary and modern technologies. Your task is to graduate from our department as inquiring, researching and learning individuals without confining yourselves only with the knowledge that we have transmitted to you. These opportunities are well offered to you at the Mining Engineering Department.

Our region is one of the richest areas of Turkey in terms of mineral potential and diversity. Your education has been arranged in order to exploit the present mineral potential by contributing to the national economy of our country in a safe, environmental friendly and economic manner. You will be equipped with this knowledge during your education procedure and you will find the chance to get to know the mining companies around by means of internships and project studies. Finally, I wish, for all of you, a healthy, successful and happy time not only during your education in our department but also in your future life.